Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay? Get the true answer

Home Depot is one of the most known and visited supermarkets that sells goods for your house. Thousands of people are visiting it daily.

When you are in a rush or have a lot of home supplies in your trolleys, you want the paying experience to be smooth and fast. Hence, the creation of Apple Pay that is designed for that. It allows anyone to remunerate for goods with just a tap of your phone.

In this article, the main subject is covered – does Home Depot take Apple Pay, or it is not realistic? Are there different choices for buying the goods? What way to conduct an online purchase at Home Depot?

Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay or Not?

At the moment, you can’t get goods at Home Depot via Apple Pay.

Many years ago, Home Depot stores were accepting Apple Pay.

Then they suddenly removed the payment method and many people started wondering what was going on.

What happened is they signed an agreement with a giant company in the payment industry – PayPal, and became their partner.

It is a known fact, that these two digital wallets companies are competitors.

Retailers have the right to sign contracts with any digital wallets companies.

Perhaps, part of the deal among Home Depot and PayPal was that the latter became a solo payment method regarding digital wallets.

So, to respond to the query – does Home Depot take Apple Pay – it can not accept Apple Pay anymore.

When will Home Depot accept Apple Pay?

There is a chance Home Depot will start accepting Apple Pay soon enough.

Just as long as they have a signed agreement with PayPal, it isn’t going to happen.

It is also unknown how long is the contract signed for.

So, nobody will be able to answer that question for definite.

Bear in mind, there is always a chance of the contract being extended.

Which other payment methods does Home Depot accept?

The leading payment options at Home Depot at the moment is physical money.

The reason behind this is simple, as it turns out the Home Depot store isn’t obliged to share fees for business activity.

You can get the goods presenting the personal checks. This is not very popular and isn’t what the majority of customers choose. You won’t be able to pay with a personal check if you are making online purchases.

Something Home Depot doesn’t really approve of is when you present credit and debit cards at the till.

That is because they are obliged to share with banks a commission for transfers.

This particular payment option is one that people have been using the most, though.

You can make purchases online and in-store using the debit card issued by the main system presented in the States.

Home Depot credit card payment option

Home Depot’s credit card option was introduced a few years ago.

It offers great advantages for those, who are having the credit card and selecting it for certain purchases online and in-store.

The owners of a consumer credit card get offered attractive deals that are difficult to resist.

You have to remember that this particular credit card has special conditions when it comes to buying items via Internet.

It can only be done via Home Depot’s mobile app and it can’t be delivered. You will be obliged to pick up the order yourself at your local store.

Home Depot gifting cards payment option

If you are a lucky owner of Home Depot gift cards, or you have just happened to find one yourself, you can present them to get any goods without any problems.

Note, Home Depot gift cards can only be presented at the physical stores.

If the amount of your purchases exceeds the limit on your card, be ready to top up the rest with your debit card or a Home Depot consumer credit card. Or just use notes.

How to use the Home Depot app?

If you didn’t know, Hope Depot has its own app that can be downloaded on any mobile device through the app stores.

It is so much easier to browse through different categories, using the filters. You can do it anywhere on your mobile device.

The difference between online and in-store shopping is that the choice of payment is limited.

You aren’t allowed to do it via Apple Pay, checks, and gifting cards, but everything else is presented, including paying via a PayPal account. Do not forget, it has to be connected to your personal account at Home Depot.

The app will not display Apple Pay, but there is a PayPal button in the table of possible traditional payment methods, Home Depot accepts.

Even though Home Depot accepts other digital wallet payments, it is not guaranteed it is going to be displayed in the app.

Is it realistic to use a digital wallet at Home Depot?

Buying goods without presenting a physical card is becoming widely acknowledged.

Even though Apple Pay aren’t being presented at the moment, there are many more traditional payment methods, including another digital wallet like Samsung Pay, PayPal cash card, and PayPal balance.

You have to download and install the app from the app store and register with your card details. After that, making purchases will be super easy.

In modern days, such giant companies present new ways of charging you for goods.

Home Depot is busy developing their very own payment system, which it might present soon.

How to conduct online purchases at Home Depot?

Placing the order over the Internet is easy and convenient.

Follow the mini guide below:

1. Choose the item you want to get and click the button “add to cart”.

2. When you are finished, move into the cart list section to review your order.

3. Once you have checked everything, proceed with paying for the order. Review the payment options and pick the most suitable. Note, Apple Pay are not going to be there.

4. After you have entered all the necessary information, it is time to hit the button “Place the order”.

You can always check the status of your order in the app under the “orders” section.

How does PayPal work for buying in the store?

If you aren’t a fan of Apple Pay, PayPal replaces this choice of payment at home depot stores within the country. How does it work when it comes to placing the orders?

Step 1

Register with Home Depot. It can be done using their web version of the store.

Step 2

Select the items you wish to purchase and add them to your cart.

Step 3

Once you are done, head to the cart to review your whole order.

Step 4

If everything is correct, click the payment section and review the available methods.

Step 5

Look for PayPal among payment options and click on it. You will be transferred to the actual PayPal site, where you will have to enter your credentials.

Step 6

After that, you can choose the way you want to be charged. It is going to be either your balance or the card that is attached to your account.

Step 7

Once you have selected the preferred way of paying, the payment goes through, and you get transferred back to the store site.

You can always check the status of the placed order in the dedicated section.


Can I pay Home Depot with Apple Pay?

At this very moment in time, this payment choice is not presented at the supermarkets because of the partnership of Home Depot and PayPal.

You are more than welcome to select other digital wallets such as Google Pay or Samsung Pay, but charges with Apple Pay won’t go through.

The particular payment selection will not be presented on the Internet Home Depot website, either. Home Depot accepts debit cards happily.

What forms of payment does Home Depot accept?

Home Depot doesn’t accept Apple Pay as of today.

Home Depot accepts debit cards, PayPal cash credit card, and their very own credit card.

You are more than welcome to utilize other digital wallets and contactless payment methods, like Google Pay, for example.

If you connect your PayPal account to the store’s one, you will be able to utilize that as well.

Can you pay through the Home Depot app?

There is an opportunity to create orders in the application and transfer the money using it. The application is not able to accept Apple Pay transfers, but everything else is there for you to pick from.

Always remember, if you are planning to be presenting a Home Depot credit card to cover the charges for your order, you will have to head to the store for collecting it.

Google Pay and Samsung Pay are available in the catalog too.

Does Lowe’s take Apple Pay?

It is the same as with Home Depot, Lowe’s are not able to accept Apple Pay. Don’t get upset because the substitute is the other digital wallets such as Google Pay.

That is because they do not have the technical ability to allow charges to be done via Apple Pay, but that might change soon.


Home Depot is the largest supermarket chain in the US. Thousands of people visit retail locations every day. Knowing the possible ways of paying for the purchases will help you to plan your shopping spree ahead.

We hope we have answered your query if Home Depot can accept Apple Pay as a choice of payment. At this very moment, such a possibility isn’t on the table because Home Depot partnered with PayPal.

Follow the news regarding that, as it can change at any time. It is unknown how long is the agreement between them for. There is an opportunity Apple Pay will become presented as a selection in the nearest future.

If this information was helpful, hit sharing of this useful information with your family. Many people come to this location, and they have to know about the Apple Pay payment situation at Home Depot as well. If you still have questions left, write to us in the comment section below this post. We will always get back to you!

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