Does Nordstrom Allow Dogs? (Dog Policy Explained)

As a pet parent, you often build a strong attachment with your dog, and you would like to take them wherever you go.

If you want to know if you can visit a Nordstrom store with your dog, keep reading for an elaborate pet policy in Nordstrom stores!\

Does Nordstrom Allow Dogs in 2023?

While it is not advertised on their website, Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack do allow dogs in most stores and are known to be super friendly to dogs. Nordstrom requires that dogs in their stores be well behaved and, on a leash, to be admitted. Nordstrom also permits service dogs and other certified service animals.

For further information about whether Nordstrom allows dogs, their pet policy is, and what you need to do to bring your dog to Nordstrom, then carry on reading!

What is the Nordstrom Pet Policy?

Even though Nordstrom pet policy is not stated on their website, it shouldn’t vary from store to store. This is because Nordstrom is not a franchise business. All its stores are publicly owned.

Based on some reviews, it’s clear that Nordstrom permit dogs in the stores the customers have visited. This translate to Nordstrom stores will allow dogs in many states unless the local laws suggest otherwise.

Is Nordstrom Dog Friendly?

Nordstrom not only allows dog at their stores but they are very friendly. Their staffs are welcoming and very friendly to dogs. One of the main reason being that the employees are well paid and since it’s a high-end store, the quality of customer services must be high.

According to many reviews of Nordstrom store, there is no doubt they are friendly to dogs.

What Dog Breeds Can I Take to Nordstrom?

Many Nordstrom locations allow dogs, and do not discriminate against dog breeds. If your local Nordsrtrom store is dog friendly, you are likely be able to bring any breed of dog into the store.

There are some American states that ban certain dog breed, so it is likely your nearest Nordstrom store will abide by these laws.

Generally, provided your dog is well-behaved and is on a leash, the breed won’t matter.

How Do I Find If a Nordstrom Store Near Me Allows Pets?

Due to some local or state laws, some Nordstrom may not allow dogs. The best way to know if your nearest Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack store is dog friendly is to call them before you go.

What Are Some Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Store?

Does Nordstrom Allow Dogs? What Are Some Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Store?

Even though some policies may not state it, here are a few tips that may help you when at any store with your dog;

Have your dog on a leash and under control at all times.

In order to ensure the safety of both you and your dog, it is important to have them on a leash and under control at all times. This means keeping them close by your side and not letting them run free. In some areas, it is even law that dogs are leashed. Not only is it safer for your dog and others, but it can also help prevent them from getting lost.

Dog is wearing an identification tag

It’s important to make sure your dog is wearing an identification tag in case he or she gets lost. It’s crucial to do everything you can to increase your chances of being reunited with your furry friend. One way to do that is by making sure your dog has a visible ID tag on his or her collar.

The tags should include your name, address, and phone number so that someone who finds your dog can easily reach you. If your pet doesn’t already have a tag, consider buying one online or at a pet store. And be sure to keep your contact information updated if you move or change your phone number.

Bring a supply of water and food

When you take your dog shopping, be sure to bring a supply of water and food for him or her, in case he or she gets hungry while you’re out. Dogs can get pretty restless when they have to wait in the car, so it’s best to bring along something to keep them occupied and happy.

A few treats or a small meal will suffice, but make sure to pack a lot of water too, especially if it’s a hot day. You don’t want your pup getting dehydrated!

Be prepared to clean up any messes

When you take your dog with you to the store, be prepared to clean up any messes he makes. Bringing a towel and some cleaning supplies is a good idea, just in case your dog has an accident or gets into something he shouldn’t. You don’t want to have to worry about cleaning up messes while you’re shopping, so be prepared ahead of time.

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Many Nordstrom locations allow dogs within their stores. Nordstrom stores are all publicly, which means their pet policy shouldn’t vary from location to location. However, there may be exclusion of the policy in some stores due to the local and states laws.

Nordstrom also allows service animals within their stores, in accordance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). To keep your dog and customers safe, Nordstrom recommends you to have your dog leashed, and ideally well behaved.

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