How Does Lastpass Make Money— Lastpass Business Model

Lastpass is a popular password management tool, which can be used on your computer or browser. You log in to websites and automatically fill in your username and password to make the login process easier for you. Performing these tasks are typically bothersome for busy people because of the need to memorize and type in passwords every time you want to use them.

This article explains how Lastpass makes money and its business model in general.

Lastpass makes money by charging users for premium features and selling advertising space on its website. Premium features include being able to store more passwords, have a secure encrypted backup, and view passwords in a secure vault. Paid users also receive access to a support team and priority customer service.

How Lastpass works

Lastpass is a password manager that helps people remember their login credentials for websites.  When you get signed up for Lastpass, they fill in all your login credentials, like email address and password.  

The password is encrypted, and Lastpass will generate a master password and one or more two-factor backup codes so that when you are asked to provide your user name and password to log in somewhere you can also provide a backup code.

It will record these login credentials into a vault of many accounts that you have associated with your Lastpass account.    

When you are done using Lastpass, you can simply log out of your Lastpass account and then click the “Un-encrypt” button on the password manager to have all of your passwords that have been saved by Lastpass automatically unlocked.  

This is a security feature so that people who know your login credentials can not steal the master password and use it to decrypt all of your passwords.

Below is a tutorial on how to use Lastpass.

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How Does LastPass Make Money

In order to make money, Lastpass has various monetization options such as selling premium features, displaying ads, and charging for support.

Premium plans

Lastpass offers three different premium plans: LastPass Premium, LastPass Enterprise, and LastPass Family. The different plans offer different features and benefits.

For example, LastPass Premium allows you to archive passwords offline, have unlimited storage for encrypted passwords, and access to a support team.

LastPass Enterprise offers similar features but with higher storage limits, more granular permissions settings, and more powerful security features such as two-factor authentication and malicious site blocking.

Finally, LastPass Family is a subscription plan that includes all of the features of the other premium plans but also includes access to family members’ accounts.


The main way lastpass makes money is through advertising. Ads can be found on the main page of the website and in the lastpass app. The ads are displayed in a variety of places on the website and in the lastpass app including the password manager’s sidebar (for browsers) or within individual entries (for app).

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Lastpass History

Lastpass has been around since 2010, and it is one of the most popular password managers on the internet. It was created by two developers, Joe Siegrist and Anthony Ferrara, who both had experience in software development.

They first pitched their idea to John Hanke, who was then at Google. Hanke liked the idea, and he helped them get started.

Lastpass initially made money through a premium subscription service that allowed users to have encrypted passwords stored in their account.

However, this business model didn’t work out as planned, so Lastpass pivoted to a freemium model in 2015. This means that users can access the full functionality of the product for free, but they can also pay for extra features.

Lastpass has been very successful with this model, and it has generated over $50 million since 2015. The main sources of revenue are through advertising and through premium subscriptions.

Lastpass also sells products related to its security features, such as password managers for mobile devices and browser extensions.

Overall, Lastpass is a very successful company with a lot of revenue generating options. It is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable password manager that has tons of optional features available for purchase.

Alternatives to lastpass

Lastpass is a great password management tool, but it’s not the only one out there. Here are some alternatives to consider:

  • 1Password: This app has been around for a while and is definitely worth checking out. It lets you create strong passwords and stores them in an encrypted vault, so you can be sure they’re safe. 1Password also supports two-factor authentication, so you can be even more confident that your passwords are safe.
  • Keepass: This app is similar to 1Password in many ways, but it’s free (as opposed to $9/year for 1Password). It also supports two-factor authentication, so your passwords are even more secure.
  • Safari: Apple has a decent built-in password manager for its Safari web browser, but it doesn’t work as well as some of the competition. Your best bet is to use LastPass or 1Password with Safari. Note that it won’t work in Chrome.

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What company owns LastPass?

LastPass is owned by GoTo, formerly LogMeIn Inc, a company that provides online services, including password management and online security, for businesses and individuals.


Lastpass is a popular password manager that makes money by selling subscriptions, advertising, and charging for features. The company has seen success in recent years by expanding its services to include two-factor authentication, passwords for multiple accounts, and encrypted file storage.

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