Why is Nordstrom So Expensive? (Here Are 5 Reasons Why)

Most people are quite conscious about what things cost, and you may have noticed that things at Nordstrom tend to cost a bit more money. In fact, some things may cost as much as 20% more than typical department stores.

There are quite a few reasons for this phenomenon. To learn why Nordstrom is often so much more expensive, keep reading below!

Why is Nordstrom So Expensive in 2023?

For the most part, Nordstrom is more expensive because you’re paying for best quality brands as of 2022. Nordstrom also have to employ staff 24/7 as well as the fact they pay higher salaries which adds to the company’s overhead costs

For all you need to know about why Nordstrom often costs more than other stores, take a look at the reasons for an increased cost below:

1. High Salaries for employees

Nordstrom pays its employees a high salary not only to keep them happy, but also to attract and retain talented employees.

On average, Nordstrom pays $17.40 per hour. The least paid employees are Retail Sales Associate who earn an average of $13 which is relatively high compared to many stores in US.

Well paid employees are likely to give best services to customers. To maintain the high wages, Nordstrom tends to charge more for some of its products making them relatively expensive.

2. High Quality Brand Products

In order to attract and keep customers, stores must offer good-quality clothes that fit well and look stylish. They must also provide excellent customer service so that shoppers feel valued and respected.

By improving the quality of their clothes and the customer service they provide, clothing retailers can attract more customers and boost sales.

One way to do this is by offering best quality brands products. This is what Nordstrom has done to attract more customers.

It’s common that when you offer high quality products, the prices will also be high. This is the main reason Nordstrom is expensive.

Nordstrom is classified as a high-end department stores that sell everything luxury.

3. Marketing

Nordstrom pays a lot for advertising. Almost everyone knows what Nordstrom is, and that’s because of its extensive marketing strategy.

Since marketing costs money, the extra price gets passed to you when shopping at Nordstrom.

The marketing has ensure that Nordstrom is recognized as a big brand which is one of the reason it is expensive that most stores.

4. No Discount or Promo codes

Nordstrom does not offer any discounts on their clothing items. They do not offer any sales or coupons, which makes it even more expensive for consumers to buy clothes there.

5. Invests in Technology

Another reason is that Nordstrom invests in technology that allows it to stay competitive. For example, Nordstrom uses a technology called “scan and go”. This allows customers to buy clothes without having to try them on first. This saves time and money for the customer.

They also have a number of computer systems that help them keep track of inventory and make sales decisions. They also have a number of different websites that sell their clothes, as well as a mobile app. This allows them to reach customers from all over the world.

The Unique Shopping Experience

Why is Nordstrom So Expensive? Unique Shopping experience

Nordstrom is known for its unique shopping experience. You can find all the latest fashion brands and designers there, as well as specialty stores like Nordstrom Rack.

Nordstrom offers great gifts for all occasions. In addition to attractive, quality merchandise, Nordstrom has a gift registry service that helps you find the perfect gift for family and friends.

You can also send flowers or get a gift box delivered to your home. Nordstrom has partnered with DHL to provide same-day delivery on a number of items around town.

The best thing is that these services are free! You still have the opportunity to choose Nordstrom’s excellent


Like most luxury brands stores, Nordstrom is pretty expensive. You are paying partially for the unique feeling of owning best brand quality products. Plus, it pays higher salaries to its employees to ensure all the shoppers receive the best customer service.

For this reason, Nordstrom typically has higher costs than other fashion stores, which automatically means higher prices of the products.

Overall, Nordstrom offers a high-quality shopping experience that’s not found at other stores. Plus, the high wages and benefits of its employees make it one of the most expensive places to shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nordstrom considered high-end?

Yes, Nordstrom is a high-end retail sales department store.

Does Nordstrom have good quality?

Nordstrom is well known for its high quality services

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