How does SkipTheDishes Make Money in 2023

SkipTheDishes is a Canadian food delivery service that offers customers fast, convenient and reliable meals. With headquarters in Winnipeg, SkipTheDishes operates nationally with over 100 employees and engages the governments of Canada and Manitoba contracts to provide services to their members. So how does SkipTheDishes make money? What is the business model of SkipTheDishes? This article will give you a detailed insight on the same.

SkipTheDishes helps people to easily find and order food from the restraunts of their choice. SkipTheDishes makes money by advertising restaurants, charging a commission on each order made by the customer and holding events on behalf of restaraunts.

About SkipTheDishes

SkipTheDishes started in 2012 and is a private company that has been profitable since its inception. It has raised $6.4 million in funding over the 6 rounds. Some of its notable investores include Golden Ventures, Founder Collective, etc.

It’s an online platform that connects people in need of meals with local restaurants who can cook and deliver food to the customer’s door.

How does it work? Customers sign up for a subscription and submit a list of dietary restrictions. SkipTheDishes then searches through menus from local restaurants and selects those that meet the customer’s specifications. The restaurant then prepares the meal, picks it up from the customer’s door, and delivers it right to their doorstep!

Generally, the aim of the company is to help busy people order their food easily without having to move from one place to another.

How Does SkipTheDishes Make Money?

Charging Commissions

SkipTheDishes charges the commission fees for every order made. They’re paid by the customer who is making the order, the restaurant as well as the courier partners.

According to deliverect, the commission ranges between 20 and 30%. Various factors affect the amount charged including the location, number of orders you make on weekly basis and the type of contract you’ve with the company. All the fees are calculated before you order on the Skip website or app.

It’s worth noting that the amount of the order in terms of quantity does not affect the fee charged. It’s the distance from the restaraunts that determines the charges.

Restaraunts Advertising

SkipTheDishes charges an advertising fee to restaurants to help them rank higher when customers are searching for their favorite meals on the app or the website. They can also place banner ads which will most likely increase the popularity of the restaurant and enable them to increase the sales.

SkipTheDishes Competitors

There are many online food delivery companies that are general competitor of SkipTheDishes. Some of these competitors include;

  • Postmates which has a freemium business model and offers both food and grocery delivery services.
  • DoorDash: The company offers a variety of delivery options, including food delivery, home meal delivery, and now same-day pickups in select markets. It has raised over $2 billion in venture capital
  • Dominos Pizza: a pizza chain from the United States. . It is now the world’s leading pizza delivery company with over 15,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries.
  • GrubHub: GrubHub is an online and mobile ordering and delivery service that connects diners with restaurants. Today, GrubHub operates in more than 25 countries and serves over 20 million users per month.
  • Deliveroo: Deliveroo is a food delivery service that operates in many major cities around the world. It has over $1.7 billion funding.
  • Zomato: is an online restaurant search engine that allows users to find and book restaurants in their area.In addition to providing a restaurant search engine, Zomato also provides restaurant ratings, deals, and menus.
  • Olo: It has a SaaS platfom that helps it to work with restautants to enable digital ordering. The company works with well know and large restaurants chains such as Dairy Queen and Five Guys.

SkipTheDishes FAQs

How much is Skip The Dishes in Canada?

The delivery fees for Skip The Dishes ranges between $2 and $5 in its over 100 cities.

Is skip the dishes free to use?

Yes. SkipTheDishes is free to use as it does not require you to pay any sign up fees or monthly charges to use their services.

Who Owns SkipTheDishes

SkipTheDishes is owned by Just Eat. It was acquired in December 2016, for $83 million.

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