Does Five Below Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Millions of shoppers use Apple Pay as asecure and convenient way to pay for online and in stores purchases across the US. As Apple Pay becomes increasingly popular, you might be curious about whether or not your favorite variety discount stores accept it as a method of payment.

For instance, if you’re looking for an easy and secure way to make payments, you may be wondering if Five Below accept Apple Pay.

Here is what I found out about Five Below and Apple Pay:

Does Five Below Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Five Below accepts Apple Pay as a payment method so shoppers have a safe and secure way of paying for their purchases online and in-store. For online payments, you can use it in Desktop/PC, Smart Phones and Tablets.

If you still have more questions about using Apple Pay for Five Below purchases, continue reading. You’ll find all the information you need here!

How Do You Use Apple Pay for In-Store Purchases at Five Below?

Fortunately, you can use Apple Pay for in-store purchases at Five Below. How you pay depends on whether you’re using Apple Watch or iPhone.

When paying with your iPhone at Five Below store;

  • Use your default card by double cling the Home button (if iPhone has a Touch ID) or Side button (if it has a Face ID). Authenticate using your passcode to open the Apple Wallet
  • Then hold your iPhone near the contactless reader at the store and once it’s done you’ll see a checkmark appear on the display and the cost of the products will be deducted.

When paying with your Apple Watch at Five Below store;

  • Double click the side button of your Apple Watch and the default card will open automatically
  • You can opt to use another card by scrolling down
  • Then hold your Apple Watch display near the contactless reader until you hear a beep and feel a gentlle tap.

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How Do You use Apple Pay for Online Purchases at Five Below?

Like using Apple Pay in-store, it’s very easy to use it to pay for your online purchases at Five Below as well. You can do this on the app or safari browser.

When you check out online, select ‘Apple Pay’ as the method of payment on the screen.

Then, complete your order with shipping information and other necessary information.

After you complete your order, the Five Below website or app will redirect you to Apple Pay app or website to finish the payment.

Choose the default card or use a different card. Then you can confirm the payment using the side button if your iPhone or iPad has a face ID, or Touch ID for those without the Face ID.

How much does using Apple Pay for purchases at Five Below cost?

Whether you’re shopping online or in-store Apple Pay will not charge any fees at any store including Five Below.If you’re using a debit card when paying through Apple Pay, you won’t be charged any additional fees.

What can I Buy at Five Below with Apple Pay?

You can pay for any product using Apple Pay at Five Below. They have variety of products in differnt categories such as toy and games, tech, beauty products, arts and crafts, sports, and more.

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Five Below accepts Apple Pay, so shoppers have a safe and secure way of paying for their purchase both online and in-store.

To use Apple Pay at Five Below stores, you’ll need to have added a default card for swift payments.

Moreover, what makes Apple Pay payments secure is that you don’t have to input your debit or credit card details anywhere and so your vital information will not be compromised. It is also free to use saving you money.

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Does Five Below accept Google Pay

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Google Pay is now accepted at many locations across the United States, so it’s no surprise that Five Below is one of them. With this option available, shoppers can easily pay for their items without ever having to carry any cash or cards. Plus, it’s easy to keep track of your spending since all transactions are logged and can be accessed through the store’s online account.

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